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Layers and Lennon

Y’all, it’s about to get real transparent up in here. Ya ready for it? Okay here it comes. I hate winter. Hate. Winter. Okay maybe hate is a very strong word. Let’s try this one: loathe. Still kind of strong. What about “abhor, repelled by, abominate”??? I just really, really, really don’t like winter. Not all winter though, just January through March. December winter is okay in my book because Christmas and christmas lights and cozy fires and crisp evening star gazing and watching for Santa. January through March winter means snow (which in Texas means sleet which means our state shuts down for a month) and cold and yuck and weariness and bleh-ness.

However, this year I have decided to face what I like to call the “worst three months of the year” head on with what I call “a killer mid winter wardrobe”. That’s right if these three horrible wintery months are going to bring with them their emotional baggage of ice storms, wind, and coldness, then I will bring with me a totally awesome bag full of rad winter fashion tricks. Exhibit A:layering.



I love layering. LOVE layering. It is a wonderful excuse to pack on as many fun pieces of clothing as possible. Or in my case it helps me not have to choose between the rad band shirt I want to wear and the jacket I need to wear; with layering I wear both!

There is only one trick to layering called “it kind of has to go together but not really”. Take for instance this layering outfit. I wanted to wear not jeans but all my leggings were dirty and I didn’t want to wear tights. So I took a black maxi dress and thought I’ll just throw a cardi on top and call it a day. Well that to me was boring with a capital B. With a lack of ideas on how to spicy it up I desperately needed some style muses.

Believe it or not most of my outfits are created by gleaning from others. It’s what creatives and artists call “Remixing”. I usually have a feel or vibe for what I want to wear then I browse around Pinterest (and lately Instagram) picking ideas from different people. I then take what inspires me from different outfits and come up with my own thing. If you are new to creating and layering and doing your own thing with clothes don’t worry. Start with something easy and work your way up (it’s your own personal style you are curating so there is no right or wrong way to do it!)




Instead of just a cardi on top of the dress, I have been loving the front knot ladies where doing on tees, so I grabbed one of my favs (It says folk yeah with a moonshiner jug…I mean come on…greatness in a shirt) and knotted it up. I was then going to add the cardi until I saw this photo on Instagram. That’s when inspo hit and the rest of the outfit made itself.

(P.S. I encourage you to go check out that Instagram account! It’s Lennon Stella’s from Lennon and Maisy the raddest sister singing duo ever. Haven’t heard of them check out this video of them rocking it.)

What I am saying is go layer it up friends. For real don’t be scared. Start small. Go to Pinterest or look through magazines and find looks you like and try mixing them together. I promise it’s really fun and once you start doing it you’re going to wonder way you didn’t try it sooner!!





My challenge to you all this week is to go make a layering outfit that you would have never tried before. Put that cute tank on top of that long sleeved shirt with a denim button up over that. Add that shirt with the cool collar under a shirt with no collar for a totally different look. Layers are our friends, kids, especially during these horrible months of winter. Go have fun and exercise those creative muscles! Be you, bravely this week and make a statement with ya layers!

(p.p.s I would LOVE to see what layering looks you come up with…follow me on Instagram, take a selfie and either tag me or use #gglayers so I can see your creativity at work!)


Love this outfit?

Here are the details: / Shirt: Found it at a beer festival (but you can find it here) / Kimono: Beach Hut Mobile Boutique (if you are in the Weatherford,TX area check Beach Hut out! If not here is a similar kimono / Jacket: Old Navy a million years ago (check out this similar one) / Dress/Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: DSW (Etsy has tons of rad Kilim boots…like these or these /

Photo Cred: Caitlin M. Carpenter

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