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Creating Happy.

Sometimes life just isn’t what you think. I know. I know. This is a pretty obvious statement. Life is usually never what we think it is going to be. We imagine one thing and the opposite happens, or maybe we get everything we thought we wanted. Then turns out it wasn’t what we truly wanted or better yet, what we truly needed.

I don’t know about you but this has been my life for about 5 years now. Stuck in a season that I assumed would last maybe 6 months…a year tops. Yeah, not so much. Apparently I am not in control of how fast or slow the seasons of my life go by.  And honestly I have done a crap job at being content, choosing joy, and creating happy moments in this stuck season. Instead I have pretty much complained, moped, and felt sorry for myself.

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Then I heard someone say that we can either choose to dwell on our problems and feel sorry for ourselves or we can continue to do what we love the best we can. I liked that. I keep sitting here waiting for my life to be what I want it to be-expecting it to change miraculously on it’s own. But the truth is happiness and satisfaction with our life, in whichever season we are in, doesn’t just appear we must create it and chose it.

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So if the majority of my life is kind of a suck fest and I can’t really change that fact, because well, it’s just like that right now, then I will choose to make the minority bits better. I will choose to do the things I love (e.g. creating outfits much like this rad 70s inspired one) to the best of my abilities. I will try really hard to save money so I can travel around a bit more. I will savor the dinner parties and Netflix binges. I will take all the little minor moments and make them better. I will choose to see the happy despite the blah. I will choose to not throw a pity party (even though I LOVE those) but make my roommate throw actual parties with real people and real memories.

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I know this might seem like old hat to most of you reading but for some (like me) it might be a new concept. Or perhaps you’ve been thinking on it but haven’t stepped up and tried it out…this create your own happy philosophy. Let’s try it together. Go ahead. Pick one thing that you love and though, parts of your life might be the absolute worst, take that one love and do it, enjoy it, embrace it. Go be you in the midst of a valley season and watch yourself begin to climb a little higher to the peak. I’ll see you there.

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Love this outfit?

Here are the details: / Shirt: Free People/ Pants: Lane Bryant / Vest/Hat: Thrifted / Shoes: Amazon

Photo Cred: Havalah Floyd

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