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Crawl. Walk. Run.

I received an email the other day which included some advice. Advice I quickly dismissed as not “for me,” until I clearly (and humbly) realized ‘oh yes indeed, it was for me after all’.

Crawl. Walk. Run. This is what it said. Sometimes as God is leading, we are supposed to be crawling as we follow. Then, we move to walking and finally running. This wise sage of mine said ‘you have the vision for the funning. But don’t skip the richness of crawling and then walking with God as He leads you into more.’

I said ?. Then, I said “um exsqueeze me,” and continued running head first through a door which God had opened at the time. I thought behind this door would be wide open spaces and places (much like the classic Dixie Chick tune) that held all the wonderful things God said He was bringing into fruition. Instead, it just had another door. A door I just so happened to face plant into because I arrogantly decided I didn’t need to crawl since I deserved to run.

It can be so hard when you know where God has called you, but getting there seems to be this long, meandering trail in some bizarre woods. I often find myself asking. “why would you show me the end vision of where we are heading if getting there is going to be like this!?!”

Maybe my attitude is a product of the instant gratification culture. This is actually probably very true, but as I sit here writing this, it’s dawning on me that maybe the richness of learning  during the crawling and walking stages are the whole point. I get so caught up in making sure I am actively directing my life in the way He leads, that I forget the finish line is not the end all be all. It’s everything in-between.

It’s the praying and the time spent gaining wisdom and encouragement from The Word. It’s the learning to be transparent with others as I ask for prayer. It’s the way I can see Him grow me in areas I never knew I could. It’s looking back and seeing how He answered, provided, carried, and was faithful. If I was just running, this part of the journey would just be a crazy blur that I would blow right past. A massive part of the learning process would be missed.

But by learning to crawl, then learning to walk, I can truly enjoy the richness of watching God take my life and make it something beautiful for Himself. Friend, I don’t know if this is you or if you can relate at all, but do better than I. Heed this word and as He leads crawl, walk, run.

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