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Hello Lovely!

I am Ashley (or if you’d like… Ash, Ash Mash, Smash, AP, or Hey you with the big hair). I grew up in a super small town in the great state of TEXAS and was fortunate enough to graduate from The University OF Texas.  While there, the weird city of Austin stole my heart and has never given it back…personally, I’m okay with that. Now, I’m back in my hometown keeping the hippie vibe of Austin alive in my heart.

I am independently owned and operated, or if you prefer: single. I live in a 1920’s arts and crafts bungalow which is in a constant state of being improved. I am an avid day dreamer; a supporter of large meals shared with those I love most; a believer that live music should be a requirement for anything and I think that laughing is truly the best medicine. I’m a Pinterest addict, a reader and rainy day lover, a thrift store fashionista. I truly wish that all people would walk in the confidence of who they are and want my life to be used to encourage others to do just that.  Most importantly, I am a follower of Jesus who is learning day by day to live in grace and love.

I am one of those who wander, but are not lost. I believe my life is up in the air and each step is given to me one at a time by He who loves us. It’s taken a while, but I have learned to be okay with that. My hope is that this blog would truly inspire others to be transparent in their lives. To live free of worry of what others think and learn to love who they are. To be encouraged that they are not alone in whatever they may face. To be inspired to create and live and be uniquely them, bravely.

It’s going to be random, a little weird (in the best of ways), but always hopeful. And of course, for His glory and by His grace.

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